Best of 2015 | Engaged | Boise Engagement Photographer

This is one of my favorite blog posts of the year! It allows me to look back at all the friendships I made, the love captured of couples whose chemistry was undeniable and to grow as a photographer. It is always so hard to narrow it down to my favorites when every couple brought something to the table in regard to making their session just perfect for them. The laughter, the kisses, the scrunch of a nose with those three little words. Those are just some of the reasons I do what I do when it comes to photography. I’m grateful to these clients who chose me to be apart of their day! I leave you with some incredible couples and just wait for the weddings best of 2015 coming later this week!!

BoiseEngagementPhotographer079 BoiseEngagementPhotographer017-2 BoiseEngagementPhotographer073 BoiseEngagementPhotographer056 BoiseEngagementPhotographer017 BoiseEngagementPhotographer028 BoiseEngagementPhotographer059 BoiseEngagementPhotographer085 Champaign_Photographer_090 McCallEngagementPhotographer038

AJ + Skip | Engaged | McCall Wedding Photographer

I had the pleasure of meeting these two are the wedding of Amber + Dillon last November in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. We spent nine days celebrating their friends and getting to know each other. AJ was pretty quiet at first and Skip was the life of the party. They bring out the best in each other and are SO much fun to be around. Skip actually proposed to AJ in Playa and was the perfect setting to do so. Sandy beaches, beautiful sunset and perfect weather. All she had to do was say YES and indeed she did!

During the course of this week long adventure in Mexico, I got to spend a four hour drive to Chichen Itza learning more about them, how they met and hearing about fun memories with everyone. We have some fond memories and conversations from that trip. We spent the day exploring, taking selfies, people watching and experiencing all the ruins had to offer. We adventured back to the hotel having more conversations, telling jokes and finally dozing off on another four hour drive back after our ruin adventure. I had such a blast with them and we were off to the Coco Bongo room. It’s as if we had gotten our second wind and we partied the night way.

I got to know AJ and Skip on a different level and knew they were the kind of people I could be friends with. I loved hanging out with them and learning more about them. When they reached out to me to photograph their wedding, I was more than happy to accept and CANNOT wait until their late summer wedding in McCall. What better way to get ready than to shoot their engagement session there? They were naturals and made the shoot so much fun. We battled wind and almost rain, but we made it work and it turned out perfect. Just a couple more months until she becomes his Mrs.

McCallWeddingPhotographer747 McCallWeddingPhotographer748 McCallWeddingPhotographer749 McCallWeddingPhotographer750 McCallWeddingPhotographer751 McCallWeddingPhotographer752 McCallWeddingPhotographer753 McCallWeddingPhotographer754 McCallWeddingPhotographer755 McCallWeddingPhotographer756 McCallWeddingPhotographer757 McCallWeddingPhotographer758 McCallWeddingPhotographer759 McCallWeddingPhotographer760 McCallWeddingPhotographer761 McCallWeddingPhotographer762 McCallWeddingPhotographer763 McCallWeddingPhotographer764

Frances + Nate | Our Story | Boise Wedding Photographer

This is a different post to write… I usually write about my clients and their love story. I thought it only appropriate to share mine and Nate’s here since that’s what my business is: LOVE. So here goes. Nate and I met on October 21st via Tinder, of all places. I had been dating here and there ready to settle down. I had tried everything from blind dates, online dating, friend set ups or anything else that was feasible in the dating world with absolute ZERO luck. Let me back up a little bit and start from the actual beginning.

On one of my many travels shooting a wedding, I met a musician. His name was John Storie. I remember him vividly because he slicked his hair specifically to the right, wore blue thick rimmed glasses that made his even bluer eyes pop and he had a laid back demeanor about him. We were on the same flight from North Carolina to Denver. We later found out we were sitting next to each other so why not strike up conversation early? We began sharing stories about our travels and he told me of his many adventures. He showed me numerous photos and threw in conversation that he plays with Jeff Goldblum. His stories were intriguing and we talked for hours waiting for our flight about our traveling adventures. Somehow we ended up on the conversation about dating and meeting people. He told funny jokes and with all seriousness whipped out his phone and showed me Tinder. For those of you that don’t know what Tinder is, it is a mobile app that you swipe left or right if you like someone. Left if you don’t, right if you do. Simple as that. It was free and people couldn’t creep your profile unless you both swiped right. John explained to me he used it to meet people when on the road and because of it, he had made some great friends in his travels. I figured what the heck and why not give it a shot.

As soon as we landed in Denver and parted ways, I downloaded the app while I had a long layover waiting to come home. It was interesting to see the people who were in my area. I couldn’t really do much with it until I got home from Denver so I actually could be paired up with people in my area. On October 21st, 2014, Nate and I both swiped right. I didn’t get my hopes up too much as I had had much disappointment previously dating. By swiping right we were now able to view each other’s profiles, message each other and chat. We jumped right in and started texting. Nate played it cool and went some time in between messages as not to seem too eager while I was doing the same. Nate and I continued to text message, more frequently for the next week. He texted me randomly one night asking if I would be up for meeting for a drink instead of waiting the four days until our original scheduled date. I played it off being busy and waited a couple hours to meet up. Oh the dating game…

On October 28th, I met up with him at a pub. It was pretty apparent that we would notice each other when we met up as the pub we met in was a football game night. The bystanders were all in jeans and jerseys, while Nate and I both looked overdressed in our daytime work apparel. As soon as I walked in and caught his eye, I got instant butterflies and knew this was it. People always told me, when you know, you’ll know and they weren’t kidding. I still didn’t get too eager because let’s be honest, he could have been crazy. Luckily, it turned out he wasn’t. It was a Tuesday night. We talked for HOURS. We both had to work the next day. Had we not had to work, we would have stayed up talking all night. We planned on doing our “official” date on Halloween so we had something to do and get out of the house so I didn’t plan on seeing him for a few days. We said goodnight and parted our ways.

The NEXT morning I woke up to the following text, “Why wait until Friday night for a date? What are you doing tonight because I want to see you.” That was it. I was hooked and pretty much from that point on we have been inseparable. We have had a lot of firsts, new experiences and love spending our time together traveling. I am beyond stoked what our future holds for us and I have no problem saying, yes we met on Tinder.

In March, Nate proposed in the cutest way, but that will be for another post. Before I ever met Nate, I told my talented friend Crissie I wanted her to be my wedding photographer. Her style, her personality and everything about how she captured couples was all I wanted. Needless to say, it was a no brainer when Nate proposed that she was it and I told her. She captured Nate and I perfectly. She captured our love and admiration for each other. She captured our imperfections. She captured us in a way I didn’t know possible and every time I look at our photos, I see something different. Words can’t even begin to describe how happy I am with them and I can’t wait for her to shoot the wedding. With that being said, our love story is kind of my favorite. We have so much to experience and I am beyond excited to be on this adventure with HIM.

Engagement_Francess_2015_0002 Engagement_Francess_2015_0009 Engagement_Francess_2015_0010 Engagement_Francess_2015_0013 Engagement_Francess_2015_0015 Engagement_Francess_2015_0018 Engagement_Francess_2015_0019 Engagement_Francess_2015_0020 Engagement_Francess_2015_0022 Engagement_Francess_2015_0023 Engagement_Francess_2015_0026 Engagement_Francess_2015_0028 Engagement_Francess_2015_0030 Engagement_Francess_2015_0033 Engagement_Francess_2015_0036 Engagement_Francess_2015_0038 Engagement_Francess_2015_0044 Engagement_Francess_2015_0050 Engagement_Francess_2015_0051 Engagement_Francess_2015_0052 Engagement_Francess_2015_0055 Engagement_Francess_2015_0057 Engagement_Francess_2015_0064 Engagement_Francess_2015_0070 Engagement_Francess_2015_0073 Engagement_Francess_2015_0075 Engagement_Francess_2015_0079 Engagement_Francess_2015_0080 Engagement_Francess_2015_0082 Engagement_Francess_2015_0083 Engagement_Francess_2015_0088 Engagement_Francess_2015_0090 Engagement_Francess_2015_0092 Engagement_Francess_2015_0100 Engagement_Francess_2015_0104

I marry him in 4.5 months. We get to be on our fun little adventure. And it only gets better with each day that goes on. I couldn’t be happier.

Bethany + Ethan | Champaign, Illinois Photographer

Hi all! I’m sorry it’s been awhile since I have been around. My life has been a roller coaster of adventure since January and I can’t wait to share with you and update you. Things will be changing a little bit so posting more frequently will be a priority. I figured to come back with a bang I might as well start with Bethany + Ethan. I have been really excited about this blog post because for almost a year it had been planned, but it never seemed like it would become a reality.

Here’s the story. Bethany and I became friends on Instagram. We have never met in person. Bethany and her husband, Ethan, are talented wedding photographers in Danville, Illinois. At some point about a year ago, Bethany and I started following each other on Instagram and Facebook. I loved following her because her spirit and devotion to her life and husband were apparent. Their talent and devotion to their clients wedding days always stood out. Bethany and I had started talking more frequently via social media and eventually text. We conjured up the idea that we should do a styled shoot because she and Ethan were so photogenic.

So with that, a Pinterest dream board was born. We had so many ideas and so excited to see it come to life. Until it didn’t and we were both heart broken. Because of life’s happenings and schedules, it never worked out. Until it did. And so here we are. Because I was in Illinois for a client’s wedding, I reached out to Bethany and said we should get together and I would do photos! She was more than happy and beyond words.

Bethany is the extravert, coffee drinking, fun loving, people person. Ethan’s wife. An old romantic soul that thrives on love. You will most likely creep her social media and find her with her favorite coffee mug, a big smile and maybe Ethan cuddled with her. Fellow photographer, Christian and just all around incredible person.

Ethan is the introvert, always learning and thriving on Bethany’s energy. Bethany’s husband and sidekick. He is talented and fabulous to talk to about the world and life’s musings.

Together, they are infatuated with each other and so absolutely in love. One of my favorite kinds. With that being said, their photos will tell the rest. Happy 5th anniversary Bethany and Ethan.

Champaign_Photographer_002_1 Champaign_Photographer_003_1 Champaign_Photographer_004_1 Champaign_Photographer_005_1 Champaign_Photographer_010_1 Champaign_Photographer_015_1 Champaign_Photographer_020_1 Champaign_Photographer_022_1 Champaign_Photographer_025_1 Champaign_Photographer_032_1 Champaign_Photographer_034_1 Champaign_Photographer_036_1 Champaign_Photographer_039_1 Champaign_Photographer_041_1 Champaign_Photographer_045_1 Champaign_Photographer_048_1 Champaign_Photographer_049_1 Champaign_Photographer_056_1 Champaign_Photographer_061_1 Champaign_Photographer_064_1 Champaign_Photographer_076_1 Champaign_Photographer_078_1 Champaign_Photographer_081_1 Champaign_Photographer_083_1 Champaign_Photographer_089_1 Champaign_Photographer_093_1 Champaign_Photographer_095_1 Champaign_Photographer_100_1 Champaign_Photographer_101_1 Champaign_Photographer_104_1 Champaign_Photographer_111_1 Champaign_Photographer_116_1 Champaign_Photographer_118_1 Champaign_Photographer_121_1 Champaign_Photographer_124_1


Best of 2014 | Weddings | Boise & Destination Wedding Photographer

Weddings became something I was passionate about six years ago and since then, it has only continued to grow exponentially each year. I have met some incredible people. I have made lasting friendships. I have grown in my skill. I have sought out mentors that have generously given their time. I have strived to be better than the year before. 2014 took me places I could have only dreamed of. I traveled all over the country from Sacramento, Chicago, Knoxville, Boston and more. I shot an international wedding in Mexico. I didn’t think it could get any better and it just continued to. Because of my amazing clients that I get to capture their weddings, I get to experience the laughter, the tears and the joy of loved expressed. I enjoy weddings so much because they are completely different. I cry at every wedding, especially during the father-daughter dances. What do I love most about the weddings? I love the couples. I love their chemistry that tells a story through photos. I love the fact that they have asked me to share in tender moments that are a crucial point in their lives. Because of this, I only continue to grow a passion that drives me and thrives for me. 2014’s weddings were stellar and the couples were beyond fabulous! First, you saw the best of 2014 engagements, so now I leave you with my favorite wedding images! Monday, I will leave you with all my favorite detail shots!

Francis_0341_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_163_1 Tewalt_1828_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_213_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_173_1 SeattleWeddingPhotographer_520_1 BakerCityWeddingPhotographer_419_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_080_1 Overstreet_0523_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_243_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_034_1 Saxton_0531_1 SeattleWeddingPhotographer-256_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_127_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer-264_1 Lewis_0965_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer243_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_074_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_230_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_229_1 SacramentoWeddingPhotographer_100_1 DestinationWeddingPhotographer_231_1



Best of 2014 | Engagements | Boise Engagement Photographer


2014 was one for the books. I got to spend the year growing, learning and making new friends all across the country. Photography took me places I could have only dreamed of and kept me quite busy, keeping me out of trouble. My engagement sessions mean so much to me because I get to know my couples on an individual basis and build a rapport that is everlasting. The laughing, the love and sometimes the crying of emotion that boils over during a session makes every moment worth it. I couldn’t have asked for a better year and 2015 is shaping up to be another fabulous one at that! Because of how awesome 2014 was, it only seemed appropriate to share some of my favorite photos from engagements! It was so hard choosing which photos were my favorite from this year’s engagement sessions, so sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of what love was displayed. If you made it, share with your friends! Happy New Year and welcome 2015! Check back tomorrow for Best of 2014 Weddings!

SantaBarbaraPhotographer_0270_1 ChicagoWeddingPhotographer_060_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_061_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_038_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_033_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_030_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_029_1 BoiseWeddingPhotographer_009_1 BoiseEngagementPhotographer-54_1 BoiseEngagementPhotographer_101_1 BoiseEngagementPhotographer_084_1 BoiseEngagementPhotographer_063_1 BoiseEngagementPhotographer_017_1 BoiseEngagementPhotographer_016_1


Amber + Dillon | Destination Wedding Photographer | Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

2014 wedding season was one for the books and such an amazing season. I got to travel all over the country not only getting to do what I love, but meeting so many new people and experiencing new cultures. The season ended on a high note in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico with Amber and Dillon’s romantic destination wedding. We spent nine incredible, fun filled days relaxing, eating, drinking and making memories to last a life time. Of course, we couldn’t forget the reason we were there: THE WEDDING! It was a beautiful sunny day, with a chance of clouds for the 4:00pm ceremony on the beach. Can we say GORGEOUS?? Amber was so incredibly beautiful and we didn’t just take photos on the day of the wedding, we made full use of dress, multiple times. It was a stunning dress, so really you could not say no to getting back into it. I am so grateful to Amber and Dillon for their hospitality and planning a week full of fun, memories and getting married. It was awesome! Here are some of my favorites from their big day and our day after sessions. Congratulations to Amber and Dillon!! DestinationWeddingPhotographer001 DestinationWeddingPhotographer002 DestinationWeddingPhotographer003 DestinationWeddingPhotographer004 DestinationWeddingPhotographer006 DestinationWeddingPhotographer012 DestinationWeddingPhotographer013 DestinationWeddingPhotographer014 DestinationWeddingPhotographer015 DestinationWeddingPhotographer016 DestinationWeddingPhotographer017 DestinationWeddingPhotographer018 DestinationWeddingPhotographer019 DestinationWeddingPhotographer020 DestinationWeddingPhotographer021 DestinationWeddingPhotographer022 DestinationWeddingPhotographer023 DestinationWeddingPhotographer024 DestinationWeddingPhotographer025 DestinationWeddingPhotographer026 DestinationWeddingPhotographer027 DestinationWeddingPhotographer028 DestinationWeddingPhotographer029 DestinationWeddingPhotographer030 DestinationWeddingPhotographer031 DestinationWeddingPhotographer032 DestinationWeddingPhotographer033


Julie + Rowan | Chicago Engagement Photographer | Lincoln Park

Julie and Rowan were referred to me by Jillian and it was such a match that I couldn’t think of a better way after Jillian’s wedding to spend the weekend. I hopped another flight and headed across the country to Chicago to experience not only a fun engagement session, but so many other great experiences. We started out with me getting the full hazing experience of driving and attempting to park in downtown Chicago during a race through the parks. We were racing the light with early sunsets and daylight savings approaching, cutting our time short. We were able to rock it out and I got to get the giggles out with these two. I had never been to Chicago and being that I was traveling by myself, they made me feel right at home by showing me the ropes and the good stuff. Julie and Rowan share my love for food. I should have gained ten pounds with the amazing food that I indulged. After the giggles, the walk through the park, it was well deserved. Thank you to Jillian for the referral and thank you to Julie and Rowan for a great time! I loved this session and I CANNOT wait until their wedding on the beach in May!

ChicagoEngagementPhotographer080 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer081 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer082 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer083 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer084 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer085 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer086 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer087 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer088 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer089 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer090 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer091 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer092 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer093 ChicagoEngagementPhotographer094

Jillian + Mike | Destination Wedding Photographer | Bella Piazza Winery

Meet Jillian and Mike. Fun loving couple. They enjoy wine, traveling, good food and spending their free time experience the best of what life has to offer. Let’s rewind a few years… I met Jillian on Twitter. We are both Beachbody coaches and connected by sharing in a tweet one of us had posted. A couple years later, Instagram blew up and we started following each other, seeing what fun things were happening in the lives of one another. We had never met in person, but stayed in touch and became friends. Because of that connection and being able to stay in touch, we have been friends every since and made visits back and forth. When Jillian told me she was engaged and wanted me to shoot it, I was ecstatic. It was such a pleasure to be asked. I made a trip to their home in July to meet Mike and talk wedding. It was a great break mid wedding season to relax and spend time with this sweet bride. I got so giddy talking about it and envisioning what the wedding would be like. I got to meet Mike and instantly liked him, as he was witty, funny and was such a great match for Jillian. I knew their wedding would be fantastic, and boy was it. I say thank you to Jillian and Mike for having me be apart of your big day and share in such a special moment. Congratulations to Jillian and Mike!

DestinationWeddingPhotographer038 DestinationWeddingPhotographer037 DestinationWeddingPhotographer036 DestinationWeddingPhotographer035 DestinationWeddingPhotographer034 DestinationWeddingPhotographer045 DestinationWeddingPhotographer039 DestinationWeddingPhotographer051 DestinationWeddingPhotographer050 DestinationWeddingPhotographer046 DestinationWeddingPhotographer040 DestinationWeddingPhotographer041 DestinationWeddingPhotographer042 DestinationWeddingPhotographer047 DestinationWeddingPhotographer048 DestinationWeddingPhotographer049 DestinationWeddingPhotographer053 DestinationWeddingPhotographer054 DestinationWeddingPhotographer052 DestinationWeddingPhotographer055 DestinationWeddingPhotographer056 DestinationWeddingPhotographer057 DestinationWeddingPhotographer058 DestinationWeddingPhotographer043 DestinationWeddingPhotographer060


Julie + Steven | Boise Wedding Photographer | White Willow Estates

Julie and Steven – one super sweet couple that are down to earth and amazing to be around. When Julie booked me, we met in a coffee shop with her parents and friend accompanying to see the goods. I had such a great time chatting with everyone, hearing about the big day and when Julie booked me, it made me so happy. I shot Steven and Julie’s engagement session and had a BLAST! I got to meet and know Steven, while spending time learning more about them as a couple. The wedding day arrived and it was so incredible. The weather was beautiful, the details were set and everyone was a pleasure to work with. Fall is my favorite season and I can’t believe how lucky we got with the best weather a bride and groom could ask for their wedding. Thank you to Julie and Steven for such an awesome wedding day experience and congratulations on your marriage!

BoiseWeddingPhotographer061 BoiseWeddingPhotographer062 BoiseWeddingPhotographer063 BoiseWeddingPhotographer064 BoiseWeddingPhotographer065 BoiseWeddingPhotographer066 BoiseWeddingPhotographer067 BoiseWeddingPhotographer068 BoiseWeddingPhotographer069 BoiseWeddingPhotographer070 BoiseWeddingPhotographer071 BoiseWeddingPhotographer072 BoiseWeddingPhotographer073 BoiseWeddingPhotographer074 BoiseWeddingPhotographer075 BoiseWeddingPhotographer076 BoiseWeddingPhotographer077 BoiseWeddingPhotographer078 BoiseWeddingPhotographer079